Trend Trader Strategy with MACD

This is plots the indicator developed by Andrew Abraham in the Trading the Trend article of TASC September 1998
The strategy I use has already been published explicitly by HPotter, you can review the core code from there.

I have converted the existing strategy codes that have been published into the strategy and the result looks great but I noticed that the indicator performed too much in short periods like 1 minute and I thought it would be healthier to get MACD approval. MACD approval will come selected by default. When the indicator reaches the buy status, if the macd histogram is positive, it enters the long process. By removing this confirmation from the settings window, you can see the normal signal frequency of the indicator.

This strategy is mainly based on trend signals. In fact, I am publishing this strategy to use in alternating trading for Bear-Bull crypto coins.

What does the bear-bull comparison mean?
You can open the same chart in the ETHBEAR / USDT symbol as opposed to the ETHBULL / USDT symbol that appears on the chart. When BUY signal comes in bull symbol, SELL will come in bear symbol. When BUY signal comes in bear symbol, SELL will come in bull symbol. In this way, very fast and very high profit can be obtained by alternating operation.
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The original indicator by HPotter, repaints. He admitted in the comments on his indicator. Does this version repaint as well or have you fixed that?
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@mrtodd, Did you get any confirmation
@mrtodd, no repaint
does this repaint?
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a large number of transactions, you can filter them somehow. no profit only comision
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