Gap Size Outcome Statistics [vnhilton]

This indicator displays a table with statistics showing the outcomes of gap ups or downs based on your threshold (i.e. does the day end in green or red?). This can be useful for trading, where you're using relevant ETFs & see that they've gapped up/down, & can assume based on statistics that the ETF will end in green/red depending on which has the higher probability (however, you can use these on any other instruments such as stocks to find edges e.g. seeing whether stock XYZ is more likely to end in green/red when it gaps up 100%).

The table also includes sample sizes for your threshold tests for more confidence in the statistics, & also displays average gap up & downs & their respective sample sizes as well. This indicator is intended to be used on the daily timeframe , but can be used on lower or higher timeframes if you prefer.

In the chart snapshot image above, we can see that when the SPY gaps up > 1%, the day is more likely to end in green than in red. But when the SPY gaps down < -1%, it's also more likely to end in green than in red.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: There's 1 limitation with this indicator & it's that it assumes that days where close=open are green days, & that 0% gaps exact are considered gap ups.)
Информация о релизе: - Fixed a bug for gap down input (forgot minus sign for minimum value input of -100)
Информация о релизе: -Fixed chart snapshot image
Информация о релизе: - fixed chart snapshot image (again)
Информация о релизе: - Rearranged some columns & made headers clearer
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