TripleEMA-BBRSI Strategy

The strategy and settings are designed for 1min charts and Binary Options, but it could work for up to 15 min charts.
The default settings are BB(14,2) and RSI (11) with 75/25 Levels boundaries. To be a valid trade the RSI needs to be within 75/25 channel. The optional Market direction filter is enabled by default and is calculated by two EMA (200 and 50):
When 200ema rising and 50ema above 200ema then market going up.
When 200ema falling and 50ema below 200ema then market going down.
Yellow circles on a purple stripes give a warning next turn. The red arrows labeled "Sell" on a red background and a green arrow that says "buy" on a green background, give a signal to enter a trade.
Added lines of support and resistance , orange and turquoise colors by default.
Added two-tone exponential moving average with period 18 by default.
Added additional signals to buy/sell.
Works well with two other indicators: IIndex-BB-RSI-Stoch (modified) (not published) and RSI StochMACD_Strategy TRAFFIC LIGHT 3 Signals 60 sec.