Trend Trader Karan TTK Free

Now, I have derived this code from Half Trend, after @jyotiprasad mentioned about it. And it was not difficult to convert to look like and work like Trend Trader Karan's Tool, who invested " Lakho Rupaya" and works on the basis of price action trading also.

Let me tell you guys, this is nothing but an ATR based system which people already traded as Half Trend, Super Trend and various names. Half Trend is no more a copyrighted indicator, which stopped marketing after being exposed, but people are still cheating with such indicators.

This Indicator will exactly do same way as the TTK indicator, even both of them overlaps including signals.

You can change colors to make matching/ look like even more similar.

I made a few modifications:

  • You can now add this to even 1 min chart keeping main trend 1 day or whatever, No more errors
  • Non repainting, but wait till closure of current candle to confirm the signal

Beware of morphed videos showing profits.
Please spread the word, comment and help others not to fall for such things. Remember, this indicator is just a common trend following indicator and accuracy is good only when mixed with price action etc.
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