Buying Selling Volume

Buying Selling Volume

-Buy Volume
-Sell Volume
-Buy Volume Percent %
-Sell Volume Percent %
-Volume Index

-Buy Sell Volume-
BuyVolume>SellVolume=Blue barcolor
SellVolume>BuyVolume=Purple barcolor

-Volume Index-
VolumeIndex>length and close > open =Cyan barcolor
VolumeIndex>length and close < open =Gray barcolor
VolumeIndex<=length = Yellow barcolor

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Does this work on the 1 min frame ?
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Could you explain what the lighter shaded parts of the volume candles mean please? Thank you.
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Gawmicro JamesM10
@JamesM10, that's a total volume, you can see it in the setting when you turn off the color.
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Thanks, was looking for something just like this. Also, is it possible to have a tally, say for 'n' periods, that would just add the buy volumes and sell volumes after each bar so as to get a more accurate number of whose in control?
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ceyhun allwynxavier9
@allwynxavier9, Thanks.I don't know if this can do.
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Awesome script ! god bless you man !!!

and moreover , how to enable the option to show total volume ,buy sell volume and their percentage as letters in side bar(your first chart) ?actually its is easy to see the volume level.
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ceyhun sankargnayagam
@sankargnayagam, thank you
total volume is visible
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Hi ceyhun.

Is this Buy Volume Percent % and Sell Volume Percent % base on their percentage on the bar itself? or is it the real buy-up and sell down volume?

great script anyway!
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ceyhun BursaMan
@BursaMan, Hi, thank you, trading information is an estimate, not original trading depth, institutions provide paid information
Nice Work but not work in index

I have question if in this code can we inject stocks or securities as a volume it is possible?
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