Deep Candle

Access two chart resolutions and/or securities with crystal clarity. Have your one minute candles built right into your one hour candles, or whatever other combinations you'd like. Use "Fade Mode" to accentuate low res candles when zoomed out and mute them when zoomed in. Choose any security/exchange and any resolution.

If you'd like to plug this concept into another indicator, I'm at your service.


Two resolutions, same exchange, one chart:

Two resolutions, Coinbase 1m & Bitfinex 30m, one chart:

Fade Mode Off

Fade Mode On

1 Minute Chart with 1 Day Candles applied

15 Minute Chart with 1 Day Candles applied (zoomed out)

15 Minute Chart with 1 Day Candles applied (zoomed in) with Fade Mode Off

15 Minute Chart with 1 Day Candles applied (zoomed in) with Fade Mode On
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Thanks bro.. Will try this one..
Hello, how to use this script?
jdhadwin genkir
1) Open one of your TradingView charts
2) Click the "Indicators" button at the top of the chart
3) Type the words "Deep Candle"
4) Click the Star, to the left of the Deep Candle title -to Favorite it and make it easier to find so that it shows up in your favorites
5) Click the Title of the indicator and it will add to your chart... exit the Indicator menu.
6) Click the Sprocket on the Deep Candle indicator to make the settings the way you want them
7) Enjoy :)
genkir jdhadwin
@jdhadwin, Thank you, is it possible to create alerts?
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jdhadwin genkir
@genkir, Not yet... I'll be working on a major update later this year, and alerts will be included.
genkir jdhadwin
@jdhadwin, Perfect, i will wait.
I like the name you settled on will give this one a try thanks
Hi, just quick question: how do you get to plot the CURRENT SESSION high, low, open or close up to current bar and in current session?
I have tried to code this but keep on getting the previous day's values plotted on current session etc. Your indicator seem to do this up to the current bar, current session.
Thanks for your time, and thanks again if you are inclined to assist.
I will push out an update soon, which will correct an issue with Deep Candle appearance.

Till then, if you have any issues, just toggle Deep Candle off and back on by clicking the little eye-ball button, and the problem should resolve.
Don't forget that you can change the color and transparency of anything you'd like by going to Deep Candle settings -> style, and changing the colors/transparency as you see fit.
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