CLEVER+ (updated CLEVER)

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Default settings are for BRENT, intraday .
Trend determination: 2 similar sequenced signals indicates srart trend: "BUY" "BUY" Bullish trend , "SELL" "SELL" Bearish trend
Use script for trend deals (for bearish trend: SELL means go into trade, BUY means take profit; for bullish trend: BUY means go into trade, SELL - take profit). 2 Consecutive similar signals, like "Buy" "Buy", with gap between them indicate probable trend reversal.
Stop Loss recommender on High of "signal" bar for SHORT and on LOW of "signal" bar for LONG
Script may be used for different types of trading.
For intraday: period: 960, protection: 180
For 2-3 day or weekly positions: period:4W, protection 1D
Fox indices ( DXY , for example):period:1W, protection 360
Информация о релизе: v 5.0 version contain ability to set different periods, protective time now is in candles for current grahp timeframe (default 0:gives signal for current candle, if you set 1: signal was for previous candle but you see it on current one).
Bug with repainting not fixed yet (I'w working on it).
Информация о релизе: 45 and 180 minutes are added in period settings
Информация о релизе: Now oprtions are:
Period is period of calculation ( in minutes or D or W) - use average time between 2 BUY signals on bullish trend area (signals are start and end of one sidestep) - for UKOIL it approximately 16 hours for 1 hour graph ( in minutes or D or W)
Verification period( in minutes or D or W) is used for decreasing repainting - use average time between 2 BUY signals on the shelf area(signals should be on one side of sawtooth) - for UKOIL it approximately 3 hours
Protective time (candles) - signal shift (if you are waiting confirming candle) , default is 0
Информация о релизе: 4h (420 minutes) added to time period
Информация о релизе: Minor algorythm improuvings
Информация о релизе: New periods: 90min, 2D,3D,12 W, 16W and 24W are added
Информация о релизе: period 32W are added
Скрипт с защищённым кодом
Этот скрипт опубликован с закрытым исходным кодом, вы можете свободно им пользоваться. Вы можете добавить его в избранное и использовать на графике. Вы не можете просматривать или менять его исходный код.
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plz send me the code if possible...
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IS THERE any way we can set alerts for buy and sell
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vinikumar72 open4profit
@open4profit, sir aap bhi aur yaha par bhi .........aap to indicater banate ho...vo bi yaha pe
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please send me code of this indicator...
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most of the time it is giving sell signal but the trend is going upwards, why is that?
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OlgaObara nilanjan62
@nilanjan62, because of 'security' function of pine. Clever+ good for flat, not for trend (or increase your timeframe)
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maam when will your next update come, which will not repaint. And what will be d best settings for a 5 min chart for indian index's
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How a complete signal appear which is not repaint with price movmnt???
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Can you kindly grant access to the indicator ?
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Good day,

Is it possible to give me access to the script?

Warm regards
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