Bot go_up/RSI by WMA trend (strategy)

The logic of the water in the transaction is based on the "RSI by WMA trend" alerts.
How does it work?
The WMA indicator is a trend indicator, it conditionally smooths the price chart and allows you to visually assess the trend.
In contrast to the standard RSI , noise is removed here.
-Entry into a position occurs when the RSI line based on the WMA trend crosses the lower border from top to bottom
Add free alerts to this strategy to clearly understand when a purchase will occur.

RSI lenght - change the RSI length
Smoothing length-RSI smoothing
Back_series- change for WMA , how many series are back.
Lower line -border

Filter based on 6 popular (averaged) oscillators
When the checkbox is checked, the filter will be applied

-Martingale first order (the amount of the entrance to the usdt) / next order (Increase of each subsequent order as a percentage)

-Use RSI for close position? (the position will not be closed if it is in the red, even if the RSI conditions worked)
-Use % for exit? (take profit and stop loss when a certain percentage is reached)

(1) If there is a check mark in the line "Use martingale and grid?"
then the grid will be active
(2) If the "Use all signals, no limits?" Column is checked, then buy signals will always occur.
(3) If there is a check mark in the "Limit each next entry,%?" then, even if the entry from the bot logic is triggered, and the price does not fall by the specified percentage, then there will be no entry!
(4) If there is a check mark in the "Grid,%" column, then purchases with martingale support will be added with a decrease by the specified percentage!
PS: "Grid" always starts anew, as the input from logic triggered!

//Calculation of orders and margin (for info only)
First order-(first order size)
Martingale - (How much percent is the next order greater than the previous one)
Pyramiding - (Total number of orders)
Total amount - (without leverage)
Margin-(Total leveraged amount)
Maximum drawdown for each leverage

-Testing results for any period of time

PS:You can change the settings at your discretion and the size of the deposit (by default - safe settings for a timeframe of 5 minutes)
Информация о релизе: Added a new way to close a deal (trailing take)
Exit settings (trailing)
Use trailing? - if the checkbox is checked, then trailing is used, not paying attention to closing by percentage and RSI!
Use stop loss,stop price, % ? - if there is a check mark, then there will be a hundred ploss, if not, then it will be absent.
Activation trail after, %- When the price has reached the specified percentage, trailing is activated.
Stop_trail,%- Stop after activating trailing.
We have reached 5 percent growth and the trail has turned on, then the stop trail will be triggered from the last maximum price, by the percentage that is specified.

PS: Changed default settings, percentage calculations when using 1015 usdt and 10 leverage. if you decide to use the default settings, then I recommend removing the stop loss and enabling cross trading. You can change the settings and the number of orders based on your capabilities. maybe it will be 20 orders, 20 leverage. look at your strengths and select settings based on backtesting.

Good luck,friends!
Информация о релизе: //
Fixed display of trailing stop.
When it reaches the yellow line, trailing is activated.
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