Miracle BTCUSD Awesome PROFIT Strategy v2.0

For max profit you should strictly follow the signals!
Strategy use price and volume ...

This Bitcoin ( BTC ) Bitfinex trading strategy. You can use any top exchange or use all of them(The more trade volume the more accurate the indicator.) For correct work you need select heikin Ashi chart and add our strategy on it...enjoy!

Please retweet this indicator and send me link to tweet for access

If you just want to donate, Any amount will do, so you can send a dollar I would be grateful as well. My family need money, i from poore country...

ETH: 0xbdD0122740227c1EF3a85491DD8113c4c71bB204
ZEC: t1NnxRscEqnS9pUc6V436XNKebp2VwRcArn
Информация о релизе: More accuracy
Информация о релизе: How i can get access to strategy?

Now it paid, 0.1ETH to 0xbdD0122740227c1EF3a85491DD8113c4c71bB204 after PM me link to transaction

ATTENTION: You must use 2-4h timeframe and standart candels chart!
Invite-only script

Access to this script is restricted to users authorized by the author and usually requires payment. You can add it to your favorites, but you will only be able to use it after requesting permission and obtaining it from its author. Contact freecryptorobot for more information, or follow the author's instructions below.

TradingView предлагает не платить за скрипт и не использовать его, если вы на 100% не доверяете автору и не понимаете, как этот скрипт работает. Во многих случаях вы можете найти хорошую альтернативу с открытым кодом бесплатно в нашей Публичной библиотеке.

Хотите использовать этот скрипт на графике?

Внимание: прочтите это перед тем, как запросить досутп.

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I would like to test your script!
@Dsmith_87, NOW IT PAID, 0.1ETH to 0xbdD0122740227c1EF3a85491DD8113c4c71bB204
Dsmith_87 freecryptorobot
@freecryptorobot, 0x8bfc26d36f1a9a11982485c67dd2a769e34249b0b1ebfe776862508a416b24c9
@Dsmith_87, done, don't use henki ashi, use regular candles and 4hours timeframe
NOW IT PAID, 0.1ETH to 0xbdD0122740227c1EF3a85491DD8113c4c71bB204

ATTENTION: You must use 2-4h timeframe and standart candels chart. New versoin is ready, but i cant pay for TradingviewPRO for post it here(((( Support me please...
No one donation in all time ))) Humans..humans...
tian007 freecryptorobot
@freecryptorobot, Look at your ETH wallet and give it to ETH. I'm writing it in the Transfer Addendum.
@tian007, ok, you have access now. Use 2hours timeframe and standart candles(not henki ashi)!
tian007 freecryptorobot
@freecryptorobot, Thank you. I want to use it longer. If I can earn some money, I will donate some to you. Thank you.
freecryptorobot freecryptorobot
NOW IT PAID, 0.1ETH to 0xbdD0122740227c1EF3a85491DD8113c4c71bB204
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