Camarilla Pivot Points V2

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Camarilla pivot point formula is the refined form of existing classic pivot point formula.
The Camarilla method was developed by Nick Stott who was a very successful bond trader.
What makes it better is the use of Fibonacci numbers in calculation of levels.

Camarilla equations are used to calculate intraday support and resistance levels using
the previous days volatility spread. Camarilla equations take previous day’s high, low and
close as input and generates 8 levels of intraday support and resistance based on pivot points .
There are 4 levels above pivot point and 4 levels below pivot points . The most important levels
are L3 L4 and H3 H4. H3 and L3 are the levels to go against the trend with stop loss around H4 or L4 .
While L4 and H4 are considered as breakout levels when these levels are breached its time to
trade with the trend.

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Can we make this not repaint when using daily pivot in lower timeframes?
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As usual u r the best excellent work..keep it up..
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HPotter Pollard
@Pollard, Thank you.
There seems to be an issue when using the Daily Pivots on lower timeframes, when the Pivot point re-calculates at each candle, it uses the current Daily Prices and moves slightly. When yoy refresh the screen it works OK.

This seems to be solved by using the Previous Day's data and the barmerge function eg

xHigh = security(syminfo.tickerid,res, high, barmerge.gaps_off, barmerge.lookahead_on)
xLow = security(syminfo.tickerid,res, low, barmerge.gaps_off, barmerge.lookahead_on)
xClose = security(syminfo.tickerid,res, close, barmerge.gaps_off, barmerge.lookahead_on)
Hi HPotter, would you know how to project the pivot lines into the next period before it opens?
HPotter AzuraTrades
@AzuraTrades, I do not know. Sorry.
Very detail explanation; Thank You HPotter <3
@ICEKI, You are welcome.
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