Hey Awesome Traders

I noticed people were so happy with my ZigZag lucemanb script and so I made one that is more user-friendly and customizable

Please note the original one is dedicated to developers, The code is very minimal for fast understanding when anyone wants to use it in their development

In this script, I have included several features like multi-timeframe and alerts. Do take a look and enjoy

If you are using the indicator, please comment down the link to your script

If you would love to support my work through donations, Am so happy to receive them


Do u have an idea or a feature that you want to be added,
You can ping me or ask about it here, I can always update

Check out some of the best works i have done with this script

1. Angle trading

2. Harmonic Patterns
Mar 08
Информация о релизе: Requests from users update

++ Remove repainting ✔️
++ Improved Background Visual ✔️
++ Efficient Code ✔️
Mar 14
Информация о релизе: Request Updates
++Seperate Alerts
++StreamLine Multi-Timeframe Setting
++Updated Defaults
++Added Black Color
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LucemAnb GarethSA
@GarethSA, I have added a feature to remove repainting if you want,
regards Lucem :)
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You are awesome!! thanks
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LucemAnb faith_defender
@faith_defender, you are welcome
very usable information
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LucemAnb Siddhesh7418
@Siddhesh7418, glad to help
This all looks really cool. For those of us having a bit of trouble understanding, can you explain the logic behind the background colors and how the script knows when to change them?

Thanks in advance.
LucemAnb xuinkrbin
@xuinkrbin, thanks, the colors change when the zigzag direction changes
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xuinkrbin LucemAnb
@LucemAnb, Thanks for the quick reply. However, I think I am a bit confused. How do the changing of the background colors relate to the changing of the zig-zag lines themselves? If they do not relate to each other, how do they differ?

Thanks in advance.
LucemAnb xuinkrbin
@xuinkrbin, the background color changes when the zigzag trend changes, if the zigzag points upwards, the background is green, same for red
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