MACD divergence with line drawing by Rexio

Another appoach to finding divergences at MACD . This time I think it is much smoother so I could check for divergences between two "peaks" at MACD .
I added my SL line which is last peak +- 1xATR. And the second line is peak between two points of divergence and most of the time it acts like an SR line.
If the higher timeframe trend backs up our divergence (for example: higher trend UP - divergence for L position) I can try to jump in after crossing EMA10.
This indicator is only sugestion for me. I always check price action, trend, SR line before I take any action.
Every people who will test this indicator need to know basics about divergences as THISE ARE NOT BUY/SELL SIGNALS.
If you want to help me and support my coding please contact me via private msg .
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If you find any mistake in code or maybe you have better idea to make it please contact me I will try to improve this code.
Rexio Rexio
As I didnt mentioned it before: This script gives signal when histogram turns trend as i think this is early enough for everyone who use MACD cross as a confirmation. In strong trends this indicator will give a lot of false signals so you need some kind of confirmation before you enter trade! If i come to idea how to write down script to find hidden divergence also i will update it.
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