5 Min Binary Options

Back again with another script that I have been learning from smarter people than myself. Props to Chris Moody, JustUncle, tmc and Lark.

Designed to work on 1 TF for 5 Min expiry Binary Options.
Goal was to hit over 60% ITM rate, so with positive Martingale 3 step max you can increase those odds but not needed since you need a min of 60% rate to make money with BO with a payout of 70%.

Works best on NY/London Overlap but you have the option to override in settings however not recommended.
Built in tester: No more guesswork regarding the trade setup.
Built in ITM rate, to give you an idea if the system is profitable for the given pair. Displayed in Green, Red and total trades in Black.

Works best on EUR/JPY and EUR/USD but test it and let me know.

You can add additional filters but of course that would mean less trade opportunities.

Green Dot Buy for 5 mins
Red Dot Put for 5 mins.
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hello robbins pls can i have access to your indicator.
Can I have access please ?
Hello, Can i get access to this script? Thanks
Can I please give this a try? Thank you.
Can I please have access? thanks
Thanks for the nice strategy, I will give it a go...
Can I have access?
Can I get access to this please?
can you grant me access please?
hi ı want try your strategy
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