Graham Net Current Asset Value per Share

Net current asset value per share (NCAVPS) is a measure created by Benjamin Graham as one means of gauging the attractiveness of a stock. A key metric for value investors, NCAVPS is calculated by taking a company's current assets and subtracting total liabilities.

NCAVPS = Current Assets - (Total Liabilities + Preferred Stock) ÷ Shares Outstanding.

According to Graham, investors will benefit greatly if they invest in companies where the stock prices are no more than 67% (or 2/3) of their NCAV per share (price <= (2/3)*NCAV).

Coloring pattern:
- price <= (1/3)*ncav -> light green
- (1/3)*ncav < price <= (2/3)*ncav -> green
- (2/3)*ncav < price <= ncav -> dim red
- price > ncav -> red
Информация о релизе: Total liabilities should be subtracted not current.
Информация о релизе: Additional assets and liabilities parameters.
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