Delta-RSI Oscillator Strategy

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Delta-RSI Oscillator Strategy:

This strategy illustrates the use of the recently published Delta-RSI Oscillator as a stand-alone indicator.

Delta-RSI represents a smoothed time derivative of the RSI , plotted as a histogram and serving as a momentum indicator .

There are three optional conditions to generate trading signals (set separately for Buy, Sell and Exit signals):
  • Zero-crossing: bullish when D-RSI crosses zero from negative to positive values ( bearish otherwise)
  • Signal Line Crossing: bullish when D-RSI crosses from below to above the signal line ( bearish otherwise)
  • Direction Change: bullish when D-RSI was negative and starts ascending ( bearish otherwise)
Since D-RSI oscillator is based on polynomial fitting of the RSI curve, there is also an option to filter trade signal by means of the root mean-square error of the fit (normalized by the sample average).

My original D-RSI Oscillator script can be found here:
Информация о релизе: Added alerts conditions
Информация о релизе: minor changes that do not affect the script functionality
Информация о релизе: The look of the input window is improved by making use of new features available in TradingView, namely the possibility to arrange inputs in sections and lines.

Also, check out the much-requested version of the script that is compatible with the Strategy Tester and features several filters and risk management options:
Информация о релизе: .

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A word of caution: always be aware of the risks and do not interpret data produced by the script or contained in the preview chart as trading advice.
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