Alex .K

Class: trend indicator
Trading type: scalping, intraday trading
Time frame: 5-15 min
Purpose: work in trend, search for reversal points
Level of aggressiveness: standard

Indicator «Alex.K» is developed for short-term intraday trading purposes. It is optimized for time frames from 5 to 15 minutes and can be a useful tool for scalping trading.
Specific feature of this indicator is ban for trades against basic trend. This significantly reduces the number of trades, but increases their quality. Still recommended time frames are rather short, so indicator «Alex.K» can generate up to 10 and more trades per day (it depends on time frame, for example 15 min frame generates nearly 10 trades per day, but 5 min frame increases this number to 15-20 trades per day). Also frequency of trades can be managed with indicator parameters. So it can easily be adopted for individual purposes and type of trading.

Indicator «Alex.K» is based on two blocks of technical analysis methods: trend and oscillatory. Trend block is used to detect prevailing tendency (only trades in direction of basic tendency are allowed). Oscillatory block is responsible for the entry points (buy trades are allowed only from oversold zones and sell trades – from overbought zones).
To increase the efficiency of the indicator it has elements of serial trading (used to increase of the overall position).

Structure of the indicator

Indicator consists of colored zones and level lines:

- level lines (red/blue lines) – show the most likely points of price reverse. The direction of reverse depends on color of the line. Red line indicates the resistance level . Blue line – the level of support;

- profit lines (green lines) – show the most favorable profit size for the current trade. For the buy trades the upper green line should be used. For the sell trades – the bottom green line;

- colored zones between profit lines – shows the degree of price deviation from the equilibrium price;

green zone – deviations are insignificant or absent;
blue zone – deviations are present. Price enters buy zone;
red zone - deviations are present. Price enters sell zone.

Rules of trading

When price enters blue/red zone it is a signal about entering the overbought/oversold zone, but buy/sell signals appear only in the direction of prevailing tendency. To ease the trading process “buy”/”sell” signals appear on the chart.

Indicator «Alex.K» uses 3 levels of signals:

- х1 - signal for trade with basic volume . It is displayed on the chart with marker «х1»;
- х2 - signal for trade with double volume . It is displayed on the chart with marker «х2»;
- х3 – signal for trade with triple volume . It is displayed on the chart with marker «х3».

Signals for sell are marked with «sell», buy signals – with «buy».

Profits are set near the opposite green line (for buy trades – bottom line, for sell trades – upper line). Positions can be held till the price enters overbought zone (case of buy trades) or oversold zone (case of sell trades).
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Can I test your indicator?
I 'm interested in a scalping on EURUSD
Thank you
Trade24Fx marinoanesa
@marinoanesa, Hi! Sure you can. Please write in private chat.
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