Briz HA MTF - A Heikin-Ashi Multi-Timeframe Indicator

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Ever wanted to know what Heikin-Ashi candles are showing for multiple time frames at a glance? Adjustable time frame for each row. Arrows show when each column is either all green (white up arrow) or all red (yellow down arrow).
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Thanks dude solid indicator well coded & calculated also
Hey Britz ! Love what you did here. I used this exact same strategy from this guy :

I prefer yours because it has alerts. Problem is : Even if the code is the exact same, results are different and your script is lagging over the other one making my backtest useless. Only difference is that you use version 3 and the other one is on version 2.

For example, if you use 1D timeframe while watching on 15m, you'll see the difference. Any idea how to solve this ?
Does it repaint?
Hi is possible to do the same with heikin ashi smothed ??
Thanks and good work
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