Central Pivot Ranges & Pivot based Barcolors

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The Central Pivot Range derived from the pivot of a defined higher timeframe is the considered by some traders as the bread and butter levels of the market for a reason.
A combination of 3 CPRs from different timeframes can provide you with some some more insight into the assets your analysing and might offers you some more confidence in performing your trades.

This script also offers you an extensive amount of options like:
- The option to look at current or developing CPRs.
- A resolution selector
- Options to hide and show Tops Bottoms and Pivots seperately
- Color selectors depending on the close price up or down the pivots
- And an option to colorize your candles by pivots crossed.
Информация о релизе: minor fix on the coloration
Информация о релизе: fill color set seperately to circumvent a bug with transparency
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