DAY256 v.0.97.5 [h8 ethusd bfx] strategy

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07.10.2018 01:25:19

In alpha version, I tried to demonstrate full potential.
The current version can be called beta. It's more conservative,
in the end, the main thing is to take care of losses, and profit will take care of itself.
Nevertheless, I left a couple of settings for hot heads. Enjoy!

"IMPOSSIBLE TODAY, IT WILL BE POSSIBLE TOMORROW". (father of theoretical cosmonautics- Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky 1857-1935)

// === DAY256 h8 ETHUSD Bfx. v.0.97.5 Service guide ===

-pro-account Tradingview (sorry, only custom TF, + multi alerts)

Chart settings:
-dark background with colorless (gray) bar's recomended.

small red triangle s1- preparing short.
1a) after 4 small triangles if all conditions is correct, then 5th figure will be big red triangle S1. Its time to short. (there willbe 4, but exceptions are possible)
1b) if something wrong with preparation of short position, then next bar will be without red triangle.
1c) if uptrend is in progress, then short will be failed, and u can see small yellow triange (escape) on next bar
and yea, its possible to open long position, but I dont recommend. (This is a situation of uncertainty, and profit is most likely not worth risk)
1d) realy most conservative strategy - is close long position @ first small triangle s1

very rare type of short is big red triangle S2 (with special lime text label). It's difficult for me to give any SIMPLE additional comments.
Let's say that at the moment Im not able to see indirect signs of preparation for S2.
At the moment, he was only twice. and both of these times was on the bullrun 2017.
Both times after S2 were the same patterns. Perhaps in the future it will be needed.

(grey triangle) Hmm. Take profit is take profit.
But in addition to the main function, it can be considered as a point of purchase.
But It's safer to do it only on a bullish trend .
In the meantime, trend is bearish , I thought it was safe to wait three days (72 hours) after this signal. And only after that - buy.
Do u remeber? Take care of losses, and profit will take care of itself.

(blue triangle)
This is buy signal postponed for three days

If we are in long position, sooner or later we will have a situation of a local trend reversal.
Call it "overcoming" of some invisible border. As soon as we get close to it, u will see a bar painted orange.
And on this first's orange bar u will receive a long TP signal. (gray triangle)
With this, I recommend closing the current long position and waiting for the moment when the situation will become clearer.
If u see an aqua bar, (with blue triangle L2) then it's time to return to long position.
If after a row (or single) orange bars u see a colorless bar (which will be lower than orange bars) then u will not receive a signal to open a short position,
but I want to say that's good entry to short, with a SL ofc (for example, just above middle of lowest, orange bar)
And if u decide to open a short position, then u will see a signal on shortTP later. (flip to long)

Dead cat bounce. (blue triangle)
Do u need some comment? )) Catch it! (with trail stop, ofc )

!!! Important

in settings u can see:

Default settings is 4 bars, decrease can be very very dangerous! Change it only if u understand what u will do.

All of us understand, that bullish market is not bearish . Current settings set as "on",
and I reserve the right to switch mode to your discretion. Each of us has our own idea of the moment at which trend should be considered as changed.

Your attention, please. Only 2 important things:
1)When LONG safemode will be OFF, open LONG position will be instant with close SHORT (without delay 3 days after shortTP)
2)When LONG safemode will be OFF, if u see first orange bar - its strong signal for closing LONG position.

As u understand its your money, and it's in your interest to read this instruction again
And little advice- try "replay bars" TV function, (from 01 jun 2017) to consolidate understanding this knowledge.

// ===End ==


A Script available to everyone.
Of course, taking into attention that, u will need a custom timeframe, accessible only to pro-accounts.
But u must admit, work of dev's of Tradingview is perhaps the most invaluable in the industry. they deserved you to buy one.
Taking this opportunity, I want to express my gratitude to the TV's team.

Why this particular TF? Everything is simple, I did first tests on D1, there was a desire to make deals a little more often. But with decreasing TF noise appears.
This TF is optimal and It's'nt planned to change to another one. In the end, we all want to look at chart, but damn it, life is'nt only trading.
Therefore, to watch the chart three times a day will be golden middle for those who live in display and for those who are ripe to jump out of this trap.

Other tickers? This is possible. But not now. Let's just say, the algorithm allows me to see level of manipulation.
And I didnt find less manipulative than BITFINEX:ETHUSD among cryptocurrencies. (although of course, It's, I didn’t really find it)))
(Why cryptocurrency? The answer is obvious. Let Volatility come with us.)

Well, I wish. I will not disclose the algorithm. Do'nt ask about it.
Will the project develop? Of course. Even in terms of types of signals, Im sure, Ethereum has not yet revealed all its secrets.
And fact that there is at the moment, It's possible that I didnt see everything.

In the most immediate plans - the implementation of TP, SL, TS and pyramiding.
and one more let's say, know-how option. (Im still carrying out an idea, but this is a good reason to subscribe. I guarantee this)

Regards & all the best! Learn math, coding and just develop yourself without wasting time!

Oct 10
Информация о релизе: update. v. BETA


-fix plot shape on chart if settings a market type (LONG SAFEMODE ) has been changed
-has been added option select delay period in LONG SAFEMODE (open long after X bars @shortTP, def=9) NOT RECOMMENDED change default value.
-S3 short mode - open short after end orange bar(s) with/without delay. Default settings (without delay) is recommended. (+special extra exit @ first orange bar for S3 only)

I think it would be a good idea- making a special stop loss for S3, with a separate setting from the main SL.
At the moment Dead cat bounce doesnt connect to strategy. Will be, after implementation TP,SL,TS and pyramiding.

Oct 12
Информация о релизе: Hello!

DAY256 ETHUSD H8 Bfx v.0.97.7 strategy


  • Take profit visual calculator (olive lines)
    Stop loss system (red cross)
    Trailing stop system (white dot- level of activate TS . orange line is % TS)
    Visual PL state (blue/red line - is level of opened position(blue- long, red- short), red area- negative PL, green area- positive PL)

Dead cat bounce - doesnt connect to strategy. Now its manual trade only. Use Trail stop!
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Hello, can i try this script?
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kasrom990 Tiem2go
kasrom990 Tiem2go
I tried to do everything as safely as possible.
I think I can guarantee that there will be no wrong inputs.
There is still work to do. In current settings trading strategy order size is 100% of balance, And accordingly, if a short is opened, then a short position of another type will not appear. (it's possible if ETH will go to area 270, not higher, and only after this to ETH will go to deep, as suggested by people working on volume profiles, main area of SL is 145-130)To do this, you need to reduce position equity and add pyraiding settings up to 2 (as in tabs Properties, as in tab Inputs)
1) at next 8h possible serious move.
2) Well, if I make careful conclusions. then, where orange bars will appear, there will be a trend border. If make quite cautious conclusions, then borders of the trend of existing one and, possibly, those that are still coming
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