Fiat Currency and Gold Indices (FGXY) Candles

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A modification of my previous indicator "Crypto Index (DXY) Candles". The idea was to create a similar currency basket to the standard DXY, but from the perspective of other currencies. Still using the standard DXY weights, this indicator allows you to create a tailored index for other currencies, provided that a currency pair exists for each of the 6 components. This means that even currencies that aren't included should work in theory; just find the 3 character currency prefix used by tradingview and give it a shot! This indicator is useful for gauging how well countries/currencies are holding up and when paired with the standard DXY may help see potential inflection points. For use on longer time frames (~1h-~3d) as some of the data being pulled seems to have issues on lower timeframes.
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Fixed issue with XAU pairs not being paired up properly
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fix chart
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Formatting, Cleaned up code
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