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Price Channel

The strategy uses the price channel indicator. In the chart, the price channel is displayed in black lines. Offset 1 candle to the right for clarity. The red line is the middle of the price channel .


You must use market stop orders.

If the price is higher than the top black line, open the long position (and close the short position)
If the price is lower than the lower black line, open the short position (and close the long position)
If the price has returned to the middle of the price channel (red line) - it is necessary to close any position.

You can disable the stop-loss orders. It will be a reverse-trading system.


- BTC /USD, XBT/USD, ETH/USD, etc (Do not use ANY/ BTC symbols!)
- Timeframes: 1h, 4h, 1d
Информация о релизе: + new stops
Информация о релизе: +
Информация о релизе: +++
Информация о релизе: + SMA-sl
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Do you have this as a study with alerts?
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how should we set alerts? once per bar?
How do I access it
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