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IBB - indicator of Boris Borbot
This is my indicator, built on the basis of the classic moving average momentum and rsi indicators. The advantage of this indicator is that it has no lags like classic indicators. In addition, by virtue of its formula, it has sufficient weight so as not to react to random price fluctuations.
In addition, the indicator is constructed in such a way that there is practically no price movement against the indicator movement, i.e. if the indicator goes down, the price will either fall or remain in the corridor.
Therefore, trading signals are as follows if the indicator goes up
2.sell if the indicator goes down
3. More complex signal.
Consider three time frames. The intervals must be independent. That is, on two consecutive intervals, the picture may turn out that on the first interval the indicator is close to zero, and on the second interval, it is close to one at the same time.
Take three consecutive intervals for example 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and one hour.
At the moment when the indicator value is close to one on all three intervals, you can fix the position, because until the indicator starts moving down in the 5-minute interval, there will most likely not be an upward movement.
More detailed comments are in the video in Russian and will be made in English. Thank you for understanding.
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