Cross-Checking Gold’s Supertrend Adaptively on MTFA

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Greetings Esteemed Investors,

I've received numerous inquiries regarding my gold (XAU) long position. Some of you have even suggested that I might be mistaken and consider XAU to be bearish. While I cannot assess your individual trades, I can provide a more detailed explanation of my rationale.

Comparing Indicators

Top Chart: Supertrend

This chart displays XAUUSD daily candles. I prefer daily candles to analyze gold over a year or more, as this helps filter out noise and reduce false signals. Additionally, I've applied TradingView's built-in Supertrend indicator, which often proves profitable over long timeframes. Observe the 2023 yearly chart of XAUUSD; buying when the Supertrend was positive (green) and selling when it was negative (red) would have been profitable.

Bottom Chart: Advanced Dynamic Threshold RSI

The bottom chart also displays XAUUSD daily candles for 2023, but here, multiple timeframes are considered using the Advanced Dynamic Threshold RSI indicator. This indicator generates weighted buy and sell signals based on RSI analysis, dynamic threshold calculation, and optional Bollinger Bands. Note the different RSIs under the candles (blue, green, and orange). The selling signals appear as red triangles and the buy signals are green triangles.

Comparison: Supertrend vs Advanced Dynamic Threshold RSI


In 2023's XAUUSD market, I observed that Supertrend tends to indicate bullish trends earlier than my RSI, while my RSI might indicate bearish trends sooner than Supertrend. The dotted lines on both charts show the timeline of the detected trend. The sooner the trend was detected, the earlier the timeline started. This difference in timelines highlights the potential trading advantage of using both indicators together.

Exclusive & Inclusive Cross-Checking Methods

Inclusive Cross-Checking Principle

My Advanced Dynamic Threshold RSI indicator uses an inclusive cross-checking method, where RSI signals from different timeframes must align for a signal to be displayed. This ensures that all RSI indications are in consensus. However, this method makes the indicator slower to react on bullish shifts.

Exclusive Cross-Checking Principle

I used two charts and two indicators to demonstrate the potential of exclusive cross-checking. In this method, a long signal (Buy sticker) is generated if at least one of the indicators shows bullishness. In this case, one exclusive buy signal is sufficient to display the sticker. This method allows for quicker action on bullish trends.

Selective Cross-Checking Principle

Selective cross-checking combines exclusive and inclusive methods. The key is to understand which indicators tend to predict certain developments sooner. In 2023, for XAUUSD, Supertrend was faster for bullish trends and my indicator was faster for bearish trends. So, I wrote rules like the RSI signals of multiple timeframes must align, but I don't require the agreement of Supertrend and MFT RSI to open a position.

Latest Position

I opened a long position on XAUUSD on November 12th. The original stop loss was $1925, and the potential target is $2072. However, I'm using trailing profit, so the risk-reward ratio has changed. I currently wouldn't open a long position, but I'll keep the existing long position until the trail profit activates or the RSI indicator generates a sell signal.


This is not investment advice. Conduct your own research. This publication explains only one aspect of my approach, not my comprehensive strategy. The idea focuses on observations around the price action; reading the indicator descriptions is recommended for understanding of the calculations.

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✔️ Today we witness the glorious achievement of our gold idea, as it successfully reaches its designated Target Price (TP). This real-world example serves as a compelling illustration of the indicator's effectiveness in this particular scenario. Whether you employed the same indicators or relied on your astute market perception, your ability to discern this impending outcome is truly commendable. Congratulations on your impeccable trading insights!

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