Justin Justin PRO 21 часов назад
EURJPY: Mighty Renko Triggers
153 0 15
Mighty Renko Triggers

The Mighty Renko Triggers work very simply. The blue crosses are false breaks and the orange crosses are continuation patterns. If the charts do not look clean like the example here then the indicator should be used on a different instrument or timeframe. Ensure the Renko bar settings have the ATR set to ATR 100 and the source is set to OHLC4. If you are ...

nikitafen46 nikitafen46 15 часов назад
XAUUSD: MAster Gold Strategy
127 0 12
MAster Gold Strategy

Version 3 for you guys, just add to favorites and you can use. Only 36 trades since 2017, since that is when the backtesting began. I made the commission more realistic, now it is about 37 pips per trade. Only works on gold, (XAUUSD). Trend Following as you can see. 1 contract size, 1 trade at a time, good proof of how being correct less than a third of the ...

fortuneteller fortuneteller PRO 2 часа назад
EURUSD: Trender V4.1
41 1 4
Trender V4.1

# Faster Loading # Improved Calculation Indicator for IntraDay to Short term Trading (3-5 days), Green Signal = long, Red = short, Use Support Lines and MA for Entries and OB/OS Squares to book profits. Best Applicable in 5 min chart for IntraDay to Short term Trading... Reference Images to Use Effectively ...

ValthaThang ValthaThang PRO 11 часов назад
48 1 1
Valtha RSI

//setups h = high l = low c = close

HPotter HPotter PRO 13 часов назад
ES1!: D_ELI (Ehlers Leading Indicator) Strategy Backtest
44 0 6
D_ELI (Ehlers Leading Indicator) Strategy Backtest

This Indicator plots a single Daily DSP (Detrended Synthetic Price) and a Daily ELI (Ehlers Leading Indicator) using intraday data. Detrended Synthetic Price is a function that is in phase with the dominant cycle of real price data. This one is computed by subtracting a 3 pole Butterworth filter from a 2 Pole Butterworth filter. Ehlers Leading Indicator ...

ValthaThang ValthaThang PRO 20 часов назад
NZDCAD: Valtha Daily Target
40 0 1
Valtha Daily Target

This study is base on Pivot point.

ihoop ihoop PRO 19 часов назад
ES1!: "Miles"
39 0 1

Here is another system developed in my quest to become a profitable ES scalper. I believe that this is my best system yet, followed closely by my "Little Scalper" strategy, which can be found in another post. While spending time watching charts I noticed that "tops" and "bottoms" often act differently..... No universal formula can be reversed to accurately ...

ValthaThang ValthaThang PRO 19 часов назад
NZDCAD: Valtha Daily Pip Hunter
28 0 1
Valtha Daily Pip Hunter

Target base on Pivot

ValthaThang ValthaThang PRO 19 часов назад
13 0 1
Valtha RSI


ValthaThang ValthaThang PRO 19 часов назад
NZDCAD: Valtha Daily Target
11 0 1
Valtha Daily Target

Pivot and Cloud

ValthaThang ValthaThang PRO 19 часов назад
NZDCAD: Valtha Weekly Target
7 0 1
Valtha Weekly Target

Weekly Pivot

VijayPathy VijayPathy PRO один день назад
GATI: HolyGrailv2
40 0 1

this has risk with bb

twoflower twoflower один день назад
EURUSD: Channel Break Out Binary Strategy
165 1 10
Channel Break Out Binary Strategy

I am learning pine script at the moment and this is my first attempt at creating an expire time based strategy for binary options based on a simple example like the built-in Channel Break Out Strategy.

VijayPathy VijayPathy PRO один день назад
24 0 1

This is sma with 3sd and 2sd and hull

chrismckinnel chrismckinnel один день назад
AMZN: Downside Weekly Reversal
91 0 8
Downside Weekly Reversal

Based on Thomas Bulkowski's top ranking small pattern: the Downside Weekly Reversal pattern. Add this indicator to your weekly charts. Blue bars represent weekly reversals and green bars following blue bars indicate an upside breakout. These are to be traded in a Bull market. Red bars following blue bars indicate a downside breakout. These are to be traded in a ...

nikitafen46 nikitafen46 2 дня назад
XAUUSD: XAUUSD 1minute Strategy
251 0 16
XAUUSD 1minute Strategy

Sorry, protected script as it uses a couple key indicators that are somewhat of a trade secret. What I will tell you, is that the code is version 3, so no repaints, although this one never had them in the first place. In my code, I use 'contracts', which I suppose are sizes, of 20. Commission included to make it more realistic. All this profit is from the ...

NennoGabriel NennoGabriel PRO 2 дня назад
WINJ2017: Ultimate Nenno
48 1 2
Ultimate Nenno

se essa rua se essa rua fosse minha...

aixguru aixguru PRO 2 дня назад
HTZ: Arbitrage Bands
507 21 42
Arbitrage Bands

Arbitrage Trade Analytics wants you to be successful in every trade. We make it easy to see when it's time to leave a trade and enter a Trade Lime Green Candle - Best Time to Buy Window Fuchsia - Best Time to Sell Window Yellow Candles -- An Uptrend is in progress White Candles -- A direction Change is in progress Blue Candles -- A Down Trend is in progress ...

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