Market Slayer (i)

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Market Slayer (i)

This script is designed to provide insights into market trends and generate trading signals based on a combination of moving average crossovers and trend confirmation. It aims to assist traders in identifying potential entry and exit points in the market.

Input Parameters:

Trend Timeframe: Allows the user to specify the timeframe for trend analysis. Default is set to W (weekly).
Trend Value: Defines the sensitivity of the trend detection algorithm.
Short SMA Length: Length of the short-term Simple Moving Average (SMA).
Long SMA Length: Length of the long-term Simple Moving Average (SMA).
Bullish Color: Color representation for bullish signals.
Bearish Color: Color representation for bearish signals.
Take Profit Color: Color representation for take profit events.
Simple Moving Average (SMA) Logic:

Two SMAs are calculated based on the provided lengths: one short-term and one long-term.
Short-term SMA values are plotted with a semi-transparent bearish color.
Long-term SMA values are plotted with a semi-transparent bullish color.
Trend Logic:

The script employs a modified SSL (Schaff Trend Cycle) indicator to determine the trend direction.
Trend direction is determined based on whether the closing price is above or below the SSL (Schaff Trend Cycle) indicator.
Trend changes are detected by comparing the current trend direction with the previous two trend directions.
Signal Logic:

Buy signals are generated when the short-term SMA crosses above the long-term SMA and the trend is bullish.
Sell signals are generated when the short-term SMA crosses below the long-term SMA and the trend is bearish.
Signals are confirmed only if there is no open position.
Take Profit Logic:

Take profit events are triggered when the trend changes direction after a position has been opened.
Take profit events are confirmed only if there is an open position.

Various alerts are included to notify traders of different events such as signal generation, take profit opportunities, and trend changes.
Usage of lookahead:

Within the script, the lookahead argument is utilized in the function to control how much historical data should be loaded for trend analysis.
Setting lookahead=barmerge.lookahead_on enables the script to consider future price movements when calculating trend conditions.
This functionality can enhance the accuracy of trend detection by incorporating future bars into the analysis.

Traders can use this script on the TradingView platform to visualize market trends, identify potential entry and exit points, and receive timely alerts for trading opportunities.
Информация о релизе:
-remodeled script to no repaint code.
-added pbx dots to show trend change.
-all lookahead functions are off.
-removed sma functions
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