Blockunity Miners Synthesis (BMS)

Track the status of Bitcoin and Ethereum Miners' Netflows and their asset reserves.

The Idea
The goal is to provide a simple tool for visualizing the changes in miners' flows and reserves.

How to Use
Analysing the behaviour of miners enables you to detect long-term opportunities, in particular with the state of reserves, but also in the shorter term with the visualization of Netflows.


Miners Reserves
Miners Reserves represent the balances of addresses belonging to mining pools (in BTC or ETH).

This data can also be displayed in USD via the indicator parameters:

Miners Netflow
The Netflow is calculated by subtracting the outflows from the inflows originating from addresses associated with mining pools. When this result is negative, it indicates that more funds are exiting the miners' accounts than the funds they are receiving. Consequently, negative miner netflows suggests selling activity.

This data can also be displayed in USD via the indicator parameters. You can also choose the timeframe. For example, selecting "Yearly" will give a Netflow daily average taking into account the last 365 days:

In the settings, you can first choose which asset to view, between Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here are the reserves of Ethereum miners:

As with Bitcoin, Netflow can also be displayed in the timeframe of your choice. Here you can see the average daily netflow of Ethereum miners in USD over the last 30 days:

Here are all the parameters:
  • Asset Selector: Choose between Bitcoin or Ethereum miner data.
  • Get values in USD: Displays values in USD instead of assets.
  • Switch between Netflow and Reserve : If checked, displays Miners' Reserves data. If unchecked, displays Miners' Netflow data.
  • Display timeframe: Allows you to select the timeframe for displaying the Netflow plot.
  • Period Lookback (in days): Select the period to be taken into account when calculating the variation percentage of Miners' Reserves.
  • Lastly, you can modify all table and labels parameters.

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