Volume Spectrum Candles

"Volume Spectrum Candles" is a visually intuitive trading indicator that enhances candlestick charts by incorporating trading volume directly into the color of each candle.

Purpose and Utility:

This tool assigns a unique color gradient to candlesticks, which varies from light to dark based on the volume of trades executed. This feature allows traders to immediately recognize and differentiate periods of varying trading activity at a glance.

Target User:

It is specifically designed for traders who integrate volume analysis into their trading strategies, offering a seamless blend of visual cues and technical data.


By providing a visual representation of volume intensity, traders can more effectively identify key market movements, helping to determine optimal entry and exit points. The color gradation adds a layer of quick analysis, making it easier to spot trends in trading volume without the need for additional indicators.

Application and Versatility:
Whether used by day traders to capture short-term price movements or by long-term investors to gauge broader market sentiment, "Volume Spectrum Candles" serves as a valuable addition to any trading setup.

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