Baekdoo golden diamond signal

Hi forks,

I'm trader Baekdoosan who trading Equity from South Korea. This Baekdoo golden Diamond signal indicate good buying position to trade.

Here's the ideas
1. Soaring volume happen with big white candle.
a. Soaring volume can be measured for highest volume in certain period of time (default value is for 1 year). (blue area)
b. Soaring volume can also be measured by 10% of certain period of time(default value is for 1 year)'s cumulative volume . (green area) => you can adjust this ratio input. the higher value is the more likely to trail of whale
2. Drops under 5 days lowest price without volume . (red area) => I put half of average volume as default but you may can adjust it (the lower value is the more likely to soar again)
3. cross over 5 days highest price after 1, 2 conditions => Golden Diamond

underneath of this idea is, big chunk of the money comes and correction is on going but major whale's amount hold tight.
you can modify input values based on your investigation. It works well on day chart as well as minute chart. for the area with breaks plots are to checking the 1,2 conditions. so for final indicator will only be shown from this indicator but you can select plots if you think that is useful.

hope this will help your trading on equity as well as crypto. I didn't try it on futures . Best of luck all of you. Gazua~!
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