Flags With Measured Move [QuantVue]

Flags with Measured Moves is a technical analysis tool that identifies bull flags and provides a measured move target.

A bull flag is a continuation pattern that occurs within the context of a general uptrend. It represents a pause or small consolidation before the price resumes its upward movement.

A bull flag consists of two sections: the flagpole and the flag.

The flagpole is the initial upward movement that occurs before the flag forms.

The flag forms as the price consolidates after the initial uptrend. During this phase, the price tends to drift downward or sideways, ideally with declining volume.

Once the flag has put in a low, the initial range of thrust is added to the flag low to form the measured move target.

Every element of the flag is customizable by the trader, including the size and length of the prior uptrend and the minimum and maximum flag depth and length.

The indicator also includes alerts for when new flags are formed, when a breakout from the flag occurs, and when the measured move target is reached.

By default, the indicator settings are set for use on a daily timeframe. If using the indicator on an intraday timeframe, you will need to adjust the settings.

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