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"TPO Letters" functions similarly to the script "Realtime TPO Profile"; however, TPO characters are appended to a developing bar. Simply, TPO characters display on the bar that formed them.

All colors are configurable.

The image above emphasizes functionality; TPO letters are colored on a gradient . Additionally, the value area range is shaded; characters that form within the range are gradient colored. Gray-colored characters extend beyond the value area.

The columned data displayed right of the TPO letters shows tick levels. Tick levels are shaded various colors, each color indicative of some occurrence.

Tick Levels
Red: Single Print
Yellow: POC
Lime Green: VAH or VAL
Lighter Green: Value Area Inclusive Level

Left of the TPO horizontal-axis, the aqua-colored line (blue-line inclusive) reflects the high-low range of the session; the blue-colored line reflects the initial-balance range (IBR).

You can select to color TPO letters within the IBR blue (any color).

Additionally, you can select to shade the IBR.

The image above shows auxiliary features.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to orient TPO letters at their intended tick levels using one label per bar, a contrasting feature of the "Realtime TPO Profile" script.

This means only 1000 TPO letters can be displayed simultaneously. If the number of TPO letters exceeds 1000, early-session and middle-session characters will begin to disappear. This isn't an issue for the "Realtime TPO Profile" script, as each tick level comprised one label, to which additional TPO characters were appended to the label as necessary and extended horizontally. Using this same method proved fallible for this indicator - vertical scaling is an issue. While I could append all letters formed for a bar to one label, the letters wouldn't superimpose atop their corresponding tick level (using "\n" didn't suffice).

Consequently, you'll have to, at times, rely on the label & box count oriented in the bottom-right table to see whether the number of labels & boxes transcends the upper threshold. You can hide this table at anytime (:

The image above exemplifies the "Fixed Range" portion of the indicator. A useful inclusion for the "Realtime TPO Profile" script however, while still useful for "TPO Letters", can only display 1000 TPO letters concurrently.

You can also reset the TPO profile at user-defined time intervals.

The indicator hosts an auto-calculate tick levels option; however, there will be times you'll need to manually adjust the tick levels to achieve digestible results (:

That's all! If the script would benefit from an excluded feature, or you notice an error, please let me know! Thank you (:

Shoutout to @kaigouthro for creating an exceptional library for gradient colors!! It was used in this script (:
Информация о релизе:

Added options to display boxes/squares instead of letters

Added option to display circles
Информация о релизе:
Fixed duplicating tick label issue.
Информация о релизе:
Just changed the default tick size; enjoy!

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