Precision Price Channel [AstrideUnicorn]

Precision Price Channel (PPC) is a channel indicator based on advanced Kalman filtering. As one can see, the PPC channel is very narrow, but the price stays inside it with a very high probability. It is a precise model that shows the bounds for price swings in trending or ranging markets.
The indicator helps to determine optimal prices to enter a long or short trade. One can also use it for mean reversion trading when the market is in a range regime, just like other channel indicators.

How to use
The trader can use PPC in pair with their trading system to find the best price to enter a long or short trade suggested by their strategy.
For example, if you feel bullish about a market, you can enter a long position at the moment when the price crosses the bottom PPC line and leaves the channel. A green circle arrives below this candle, indicating the best price for a long trade. Such entry points ensure that you “buy very low” if the market will surge eventually.

If the trader thinks that the price of an asset is to decrease, they can wait for the indicator to show the best price for a short trade. The best moment to enter a sell position is when a candle breaks out of the PPC channel through the upper line. A red circle will show above such a candle.
In this use case, one should look at the red and green circles not as at signals that forecast the market will go up or down but real-time signals showing that now it is the best price to enter a long or short trade.

One can also use the PPC indicator to get entry signals. If the market is in a range regime, the red and green circles give mean-reversion signals for short-term trades inside the range.

The price crossing the blue middle line can serve as a signal to enter a trend.

The PPC indicator is auto-adjustable and does not have any user settings.

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