Simple Ema_ATR Strategy HulkTrading

Simple EMA strategy, based on ema55+ema21 and ATR( Average True Range ) and it enters a deal from ema55 when the other entry conditions are met

Basically long and short conditions

If long:
1) close must be less than open (because we are searching for a pullback)
2) emaFast(21) must be bigger than emaSlow(55) - for a trend detection
3) Difference between emaFast and emaSlow must be greater than ATR(14) - for excluding flat

For short conditions are opposite

Stop levels and take profits, based on ATR multiplier.
You can change it in input field.
I recommended values between 1 and 4, not more.

This strategy was tested on pairs BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT and have a nice results.

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