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50:1 Макс. плечо$100 Мин. депозит


Flexible pricing options. EURUSD as low as 1.0 pip or 0.2 + $5 per 100K with commissions account.

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With you’re choosing a market leader with over 20 years of experience bringing Forex markets to retail traders. We’re committed to delivering consistently tight spreads, reliable trade execution, and innovative trading tools to help you succeed. is the largest* FX Broker in the US.

*Based on client assets per the 2021 monthly Retail Forex Obligation reports published by the CFTC


30 Independence Blvd, Suite 300 (3rd floor), Warren, NJ 07059, USA
Компания одна из первых на рынке брокеров. Наблюдал за ней давно, с 2007 года. Торговать начал недавно на реальном счете. Присылают ежедневный отчет на почту. Имеются криптовалютные пары (только основные).
Надеюсь этот ответ прояснит ситуацию на это КИДАЛОВО ! Good Afternoon, My name is Tim and I am the supervisor with Global Markets. Regarding the recent margin closeout on your forex trading account, as we had requested further clarification on your pending deposits, specifically discrepancies with location of deposit, this may increase the processing time of posting any outstanding deposits. In your particular situation we made the determination we were unable to accept these deposits. As such, your position on US Tech 100 eventually fell under margin. Unfortunately in this situation there is nothing we can offer you as the liquidation was carried out properly. Regarding the closure of your account, a termination of an account is a business decision by our Compliance department. For the safety of your information, we in the client services department are not privy to any specific reasoning as to why. This determination rests entirely at GAIN Capital's discretion. Please be advised as per the customer agreement, the client (you), as well as our company, reserve the right to close accounts at any point in time. If you feel this termination was done in error you are welcome to reapply, but typically from our experiences the Compliance department will in most cases deny the application. Please also be advised the determination to close your foreign currency trading account with our company is limited to our specific corporate policies and procedures and, in no way reflects your ability to hold a foreign currency trading account with another company. We therefore hope our decision does not discourage you from reviewing alternative options available to you.
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