Phased investment

The projected price in the next 2 years is $ 1.5-$2. Fundamental analysis:
The AidiFinance project is revolutionary in the world of cryptocurrency and is greatly underestimated. For a long time, the development team has been building an ecosystem aimed at rewarding holders from using software products. For owning coins, holders already receive Matic in the form of rewards in the amount of 2% of the volume.
Development completed:
- AidiSwap - is a multi-network exchanger operating on BSC, ETH, Polygon networks;
- AidiCraft - NFT marketplace, running on the Polygon network, provides integration into OpenSea and Raible, the built-in Lazyminting system. It will soon be available for use by other projects with their own coins;
- AidiBets - sports betting, cyber games, slot machines, poker, blackjack, roulette and much more;
- AidiRaffle is a platform for conducting lotteries and sweepstakes, which allows any projects to organize collections to raise funds for marketing and other purposes.
In the second quarter, developers will present:
- a platform for staking;
- AidiCard - No KYC, virtual cards (VISA, MasterCard), with the possibility of payments in stablecoins anywhere in the world.
In the near future, the team plans to create:
- AidiPlayFi platform for game developers, which will interact with the NFT marketplace AidiCraft;
- AidiConnect is an intelligent tracker for providing the ability to track your investments and predict profits.
The projected price is $1.5-$2 in the next 2 years.
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