The real rate of Bitcoin October 21, 2018 21475 $$$

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Good day to all! For a long time I thought why and why the cue ball falls and what influences it ... Until I realized one thing - Bitcoin itself is growing due to its popularity, but there are big players who do not want to let it go free and they specifically merge it and buy for market manipulation!And ordinary people are ordinary players, they do not understand what is happening! Exactly a year ago, on November 3 or 4, the whole of this epic began. approximately in the range of 5800 dollars, the main number of bitcoins were bought by large players and they documented a wild native who reached 20 thousand dollars, and then, in collusion, they began to drastically drain him! The cue-ball each time it reached 6 thousand when it was drained. this is his approximate bottom (5800-6000).Below it does not sink this for sure! Clever speculators, understanding all this, also speculated on the market - raising or lowering the exchange rate! By the way, when the cue-ball went up - it went up by itself without manipulation, that is, naturally, but it went down - when it was specially drained! Thus, as they say, hamsters shorn! Soon 3-4 November will be exactly one year and I think that it is not by chance, right now it is just the most profitable and convenient time to purchase again in full and then sell for 25-30 thousand and maybe 40 thousand us dollars! In short, this is done on purpose! I calculated the average growth of Bitcoin if it were not for him, then right now today it would be about 20400-21000 dollars! This is his real course! And right now, he was especially underrated and held back so that he could be released on the 3rd or 4th of November and that a wild native would happen again! So draw conclusions guys! Who liked my article can support me financially!

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