BTCUSD Analysis: What’s Bitcoin Up To?

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Dear friends,
The new week has come. As it is usual on Mondays, I offer you my forecast for the cryptocurrency king, Bitcoin , and the corresponding trading instrument, BTCUSD .
The recent week was rich in surprises. Nobody had expected Bitcoin to drop so deep. Let’s see how BTCUSD actual price moves have matched to my projections.

Analysis of the history of BTCUSD
( BTCUSD forecast, dated 03.09.2018)
( BTCUSD current situation on 10.09.2018)
In my previous forecast, I suggested that the market is obviously overbought and heavy to move. I expected BTC to move down and break through the first trend; however, I didn’t think it would be falling so fast. As it is clear from Bitcoin price chart above, there was an enormous price dump, touching the low at 6119.50 USD.
40 million of the cryptocurrency market participants witnessed how Bitcoin’s drop covered its entire rise, which was developing during almost a whole month, just in a couple of hours.

BTCUSD fundamental analysis
It is remarkable that there were hardly any fundamental reasons for such a deep dive. There wasn’t any negative news at that time, and those stories that later were being linked to the crash, seem to be a nonsense.
I mean, the manipulators have the impertinence to skip preparing the needed news background and they are just pressing the market down by means of their big positions. This strong drawdown has changed the fundamental situation.
To update Bitcoin trading scenario, I suggest carrying out all-round market view.

BTCUSD technical analysis

As you see in the BTCUSD monthly chart above, September candlestick has painted black, completely destroying the emerging candlestick pattern, Hammer .
However, nothing disastrous has happened, as the low didn’t reach the new upward channel that has just started emerging (I marked it with green dots).
Moreover, BTCUSD ticker hasn’t broken through Keltner channel’s centre line, which was at 6153.9 USD, or the July’s low at 6079 USD.
Until the above levels are broken out, the scenario of the price moving inside the triangle is still likely and relevant.
In BTCUSD weekly chart, you see that, despite the black engulfing candle of the previous week, oscillators are still sending no bearish signals.
MACD graphs are above zero level, MACD moving averages are still green.
RSI stochastic suggests uncertainty, even despite such a dramatic crash, occurred last week.
In Bitcoin daily chart above, it is clear that there is developing one of the suggested scenarios for the ticker’s movements within the month. A trend was going on during the shift from July to August. If the ticker consolidates and doesn’t go lower than the key level of 6075 USD, the market is likely to move in a slightly rising sideways trend.
I’ll analyze BTC 4H timeframe as a part of my experiment with unusual charts. Today, I’m using the Tic-Tac-Toe chart.
As it is clear from the chart above, the BTCUSD four-hour chart shows quite a long period of the history, including the price movements over about six months; and the unit size is not more than 108 USD.
Nevertheless, this broad view suggests that the market has met a support from the upward trend, and the symmetric triangle pattern is now emerging.
I think that oppositely-directed signals, sent by MACD and the moving averages in the indicator window, are the features of the sideways trend.
The Japanese candlestick chart on the left proves the idea of the sideways trend development.
First of all, it is proved by MACD bullish convergence, and the fact that, despite such a dump, the ticker hasn’t broken through the key support levels.
As you see from Bitcoin price chart above, the last series of cycles created multiple support levels. Combined, they create a wide zone that sets bears back; it is between the levels of 6440 and 5755.
I’m sure manipulators will hardly break through this zone, unless there is any strongly negative fundamental news.

To sum up BTCUSD analysis:
This drawdown is obviously nothing else but an audacious manipulation, a try to shake all hamsters out and strengthen their positions. The plan has definitely failed; BTCUSDticker stopped where it had been expected to. They couldn’t’t create a panic.
There are likely to be a few more tries to press Bitcoin price lower, but the multiple support levels won’t let them do it as easily as previously. Currently, I suggest that BTCUSD should move inside the symmetric triangle, supported by the triangle’s bottom leg at about 5935 USD (I marked it with green dots in the chart above).
I don’t think the ticker will move outside the formation even as a spike, at least during the next two weeks.
Unfortunately, above the ticker, there are also rather numerous resistance levels, like at 6400 and at 6700, and the triangle’s top leg, in the form of the downtrend.
Therefore, there is growing tension in the BTCUSD market, and so, in the entire cryptocurrency market; it will result in strong volatility and single price jumps for some altcoins.
That is my BTCUSD trading scenario for the next two weeks.
Go on following the Bitcoin price and staying informed on the cryptocurrency market. I wish my Bitcoin price predictions are useful for you!

I wish you good luck and good profits!
PS. If you agree with the forecast write “+” in the comments, if you don’t agree, put “-”. If you liked the post, just write thank you, and don’t forget to share the post. It is easy for you and I will be very pleased :)

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Really nice idea and comment, bro! I also really liked Dude's idea on Bitcoin today. You should check it out and see what you think!

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