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The state of the market crypto currency is similar to the action movie, where extreme moments occur strictly on schedule, at regular intervals. Not for that manipulators ( market makers) arranged a fall, so as not to purchase thoroughly, drive the price upward.
Sometimes you need to look at the charts in a non-standard way to see the most realistic version of events.
I propose to familiarize with the fractal analysis of candles "RENKO": as seen from the graph, - all descending waves have two wave structure, and the last wave has only half of the structure. The second part of the wave is not enough. If you measure the previous wave, then the expected drop could amount to another $ 1,500, an indicative "bottom" - $ 5,000.

Why will the BTC rate fall? Most likely, for this, several "fried ducks", bad news, or even customized hacking of stock exchanges will be prepared to have some justification for the decrease and not look like "manipulators".
Perhaps you will not be hurt by a sense of humor ..

And what's next?
- Further, after passing a very complex "reversal maneuver", with adventures and extreme situations, there will be an upward trend!

Why we will grow (part of the news):
1. The SEC will simplify the process of starting the blocking ETF
2. Exchange DXExchange from NASDAQ starts working on July 25
3. In July-August, a new miner from Bitmain is coming out. There is a version that the course of BTC may be manipulated by China (the largest pool miners and equipment manufacturers). Consequently, everything is going to raise the price of BTC
4. The Commission for Banking Regulation of China (CBRC) is in favor of introducing licensing of crypto-currency activities. This indicates that the ban on crypto currency in China is removed!
5. Japan is preparing to change the rules for the regulation of cryptology and allow crypto-currency ETFs

But while the manipulator does not make big and cheap purchases, and will not bring BTC out of the fall zone, the fastest growth will not be ..

One of my friend, the psychic (mediumistic), agreed to give a forecast for the BTC exchange rate for July. The result of the forecast (with his permission) was placed on the chart:
In total, he identified three key points, which are indicated on the graph. This is his first experience in predicting the course of a crypto currency, and he said - that this is an entire unidentified world of a nightmare, this he has never seen! He noted that in the next two weeks there will be "increased turbulence" of the market and it is very difficult to give forecasts in this situation.
For me, he made a forecast for free. But if you want to thank him and receive similar forecasts in the future, vote minimum transfers to the purse for BTC ..
Donate BTC:
If he sees a real interest, he will continue to make predictions ..
This post is not a call to action, but one of the variants of events that traders must take into account. You must place all orders on the basis of your Trading System, taking into account all the risks.
Best of luck to you all. Don't play with money you can't afford to lose.
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Sorry for my bad english..