BTCUSDT Waves. Under the microscope(12.11.2017)

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Биткоин / Доллар США
"We did not expect him, but he came!".
The situation is serious. To sell in short and buy in long is dangerous. So far, we refrain from bidding. We see in all this manipulation from the outside. The price behaves aggressively and breaks level by level. It is better to wait for everything to cease and the price will indicate a minimum.
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What do you think of this bounce bitcoin just experienced - back up to $6400?
I believe it is a dead cat bounce and we will continue downward towards the 61.8% fib level around the previous top at $4800. Although, this could possibly be the top of a long term wave as per the elliot wave theory, in which case I believe this retracement will go very deep.
What do you think? I am holding ALTS.
SRVgroup Doge_Dean
@Doge_Dean, Perhaps a reversal began. By internal correction wave, 50% of fibnacci was touched. This indicates a possible end of the correction in the 3 wave of our partition. We are waiting for the end of the current pulse and correction after. We will enter.
Until we consider the scenario with a price failure below 5400.

We do not trade in alts. For us they are roulette. We can not advise anything.
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Doge_Dean SRVgroup
@SRVgroup, interesting. Thanks for your analysis and feedback!
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SRVgroup Doge_Dean
@Doge_Dean, Not at all!
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