BTC IOST CHZ. 2-year Trade Marathon. Weekly stats #5

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Good afternoon. It's time for the weekly statistics of our 2-year trade marathon. We ask you to comment more actively and like this idea so that we can see whether this section is interesting for you. This question arose after the last publication of our statistics:

The trading week on the BTC market was ambiguous. Since the beginning of the week, sellers have started a local fall wave and are now trying again to push the price below the critical range. In short, the BTC price during the week moved in the range of $56,000-60,000.

Despite the fact that there was not the main vector on the market, we managed to close this week with the result of +7.6% to the total deposit.

Totally, for a week there were 9 trades:

profitable - 2
unprofitable - 3
active - 4.

The total percentage of unprofitable trades was 3.31% of the total deposit.
The total percentage of profitable trades was 10.99%.

The overall result of our trade marathon from 15 February 2021 is +41.94%.

* We counted statistics only on closed trades.

And now in more detail about trades.

The beginning of the week started with the CHZUSDT stop.
As we can see in the chart, we entered the trade in consolidation with the expectation of a new growth wave. Though, the fall wave continued. The entrance was aggressive and we decided to wait for the first price impulse up and try again after the retest.

We didn't have to wait long. The very next day, the CHZUSDT price began a new growth impulse and on the correction we managed to enter the position:
The one thing is that we did not manage to enter by the whole position we planned, but only half. However, the profit completely covered the previous loss (-1.28) and gave more profit.

On 17 March, we entered several positions:
According to this trade, we caught more than 50% of the price movement. But the profit was recorded at two points, so the average profit was a little less than 40%.

According to this position, only the first target worked out. At the moment, we still keep half of the position and expect the second target to work out.

So far, our worst position this week on the movement dynamics. It is now just below our entry point. However, we think that the growth impulse in this coin is still ahead.

On 18 March, we risked taking the RVNUSDT coin with a short stop (3%):
In this case, a short stop was advantageous, because the coin was poured before yesterday's wave of growth.

At the end of the week, we entered ZILUSDT. This position is still unprofitable, but the price is keeping up well. Therefore, we expect to fulfill our target:

On Saturday we had the last loss position this week BATUSDT:

Although, apart from the unprofitable position on BAT, we managed to buy THETAUSDT. This position is now profitable, but hasn't reached the target yet:

The trading week turned out to be profitable and it's already great. We look forward to closing this week to assess prospects. We do not publish detailed statistics on enter and close positions here, as it is inconvenient to enter data here. Who is interested - write in the comments and we will send you statistics in private messages.

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