BTC/USD Trand power cooling down+RSI show it well.

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Биткоин / Доллар США
Not only price have trend. Also indicators can create support and resistance , for help to indicate strong and weak point in financial instruments. Here can see how trend powerfully go up on chart and RSI . Go by wave, with FIbbo Time expansion. But 29-09-17 indicator go under trend line , back to reflect and continued under it. and wave 4 lose trend power.
RSI 55-50 is pivot zone for trend. all can see on charts and RSI . On RSI can see that 54.4 is critical and important for turn around or reflect of trend. So can predict that next price touch is peak of wave 3 (4,230-4,240).
aslo can leave without attention 4,365$ where broken so many dreams at 9,11,112 September. Price create 3 peaks before falling down based on negative news. But 4,365$ is market feeling, big volumes would like go over it.
WE cant know future , but we can learn from pass.
forgive me my easy English....


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