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Daily forecast for BTC (BITFINEX) MIN and MAX of the day based on machine learning tools.


Hello colleagues!
As you can see, we had a short break, but our models did not sleep. From today we have launched an absolutely new model. We will look at its results.
For today, our trading algorithms expect the value of the BTC to drop to 9200. Most likely, it will be closer to the night.

The past few days have been very difficult for the crypto currency market, but one of our models showed not a bad result. We are very interested in how models will behave in a recovering market.

In addition:

Tomorrow we plan to launch an additional currency.
Red rectangles in the upper part indicate an area where, according to the forecast, the daily maximum will be located.
The green rectangles at the bottom indicate an area where, according to the forecast, the daily minimum will be located.

Rectangles allocated by faces have a similar meaning, but they are the result of the forecast of the second model.

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