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Good time of day to you all! I would like to begin with asking for forgiveness from my subscribers for being absent for so long and not keeping you up to date with my recent actions. The thing is that I have yet to act in any way... To be a successful trader you must leave the market in time of storms, I do understand that these are some of the more profitable times, but only if have superpowers — the ability to go back in time or to see the future... If you are lacking in such abilities then you have a 50% chance to open up an other side position, which would bring you significant losses. Sadly, I do not have such capabilities, so I have decided to not spend my money as I would in the casino, instead I have chosen to become a spectator for a short while. Then let us analyse what we can see today. Let's go!

Let us begin with waves! Currently we are situated on the =AB-thin-purple + 34-green + 45-turquoise=, consequently I expect an impulse up until the resistance of 7450$ after that I expect a hike down on =1-5-black + 45-green= until the support on 5900$-6000$. You can also observe the red line of the mobile Stop-Loss. I have marked it for people who cannot wait to open up at least some position. It is formed by a parallel to Schiff's Pitchforks, which I have not added to make the graph easier to read. If you wish to see it, then you should ask me and I will send it to you separately.

On oscillators:

  • RSI — convergence, is shown using the red colour.
  • Stoch.RSI — over purchasing, has a value on the 4 hour chart.
  • Awesome Oscillator — rising, I have shown where we are going to fall.
  • MACD — nothing of real interest(if I am wrong, you can correct me)

Let us move onto the butterflies. The most "attentive" of you have already notice the mess of different shades of yellow similar to Cypher, well these are Cypher, but to be accurate — these are butterflies. Mini Veal Butterflya bullish indicator, but this butterfly is so small that it will only rise us to the level of 7350$. Veal Butterfly, another bullish indicator, however, this one is stronger and its end coincides with the normal Bullish Butterfly, on the wing of which walks the 0-1-2-3-4 turquoise, hence 5 goes as well. Therefore, from this position of 6K$ we are going to fly fast and high.

P. S.
If someone is interested where are the legs coming from — minimize the graph and look to the left where you will see another couple of kefirs. The end point of the butterflies right wing coincides with the intersection point of the 6K$ support and the support of the falling wedge.

P. S. S.
Those people, who are new and have not read the previous ideas, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to read a couple of them, on the top of each one I will tell you the cause.

The answer to the question why this idea has the tag V2.0:

Here I show why 6K$ IS VERY GOOD(you do not need to pay attention to the graphs, the main point is contained within the commentaries to the post):

And the most important thing! Our favourite levels of support, detailed description of each major level:

Keep in touch, the idea is to be changed upon the addition and change of some subtleties. Successful trading for everyone.
Follow the updates!
The mobile stop loss worked perfectly, I hope, everyone managed to close the shorts at the level of 6500-6600 ...
At the moment, we see a picture where the outline of the head and shoulders appears, which will send us, only to the level of 7k$, where we will see the end of the correction, now we see a bullish flag in addition to HS, I marked it with purple 0-ABC Where C is this second, just a Awesome Oscillator indicates to us the incomplete formation of overbought, and the power of convergence is enough to throw us just at 7k, in support of all this we notice a pronounced FUD, which also will not allow the graph to go above the resistance. In general, I expect the wave to go up, but I didn't open the position yet, since there is an option right now to go down, I think that it's better to wait this storm then keep the risk!!! Be in touch! The idea will be updated as the moves change ...
Successful trading!
Still, there are no signals for the reversal, but there are many resistances, all blue lines are resistance lines, if we break them, we'll go to $ 7500. And what's next, you can understand by the image ...
Convergence? Let's see...)
Pay attention...!
Don't do anything! Just look!
Just an interesting check 1m chart. Don't mind ahah...

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