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If you are reading my forecasts for the first time, then first read the next section to understand how to work with this article. If you are already familiar with my work, feel free to skip the section “How to read my analysis”

How to read my analysis.

My analysis consists of modelling the candles of the current period on a monthly, weekly and daily TF thanks to the tools of Thomas DeMark. The projection of candles is built with an assessment of the differential directions, which give an understanding of the market mood of the candle. The projection is built on smaller Timeframes - a monthly and weekly candle on a daily TF. A daily candle at a 15-minute TF, so that you can evaluate the dynamics of prices within the projection.

To do this, thanks to all the same differential arrows, one of the three scenarios is determined by priority: bull/sideways/bearish.
The highest priority scenario is highlighted by bold arrows, the second-highest priority by thin arrows. The least priority is not indicated by arrows, only the direction vector is specified, which defines the boundaries of the trading range.

In the analysis, I make an assessment of the past movement. I analyze trends in the three main TFs and talk about priority scenarios, while always noting the key levels of changing market sentiment and transition from one scenario to another.

If the priority is the side scenario (grey arrows), then I do not recommend entering the market on a given day for intraday trading. If the scenario is bullish or bearish, then I suggest using opposite key levels, support and resistance levels + candlestick trading limits for targets. For the level of fixing the loss, you need to focus on the key level at which there will be a change to the opposite scenario.

Dear Friends, I remind you that in this article I express my personal view of the market, which I share with you for educational purposes. I do not guarantee profits. Only you make the final investment decision and all the risks associated with it.

Continuing intraday forecasts.

Bitcoin continued its growth attempt yesterday but to no avail. Breakdown forces of 9000 USD were not enough.

Trend by TF for today:
Week is Bearish
Day is bullish
4 hours - bull

BTCUSD continues to be in the rising wedge. The differential arrows of Thomas DeMark are looking up at the current moment. A breakdown by trends still indicates a high bullish reversal potential. The most likely scenario today is bullish. The bulls will probably continue their attempts to break through the level of 9000 and gain a foothold above (see green arrows)

The confirmation level for the bullish scenario is fixing above the green key level.
The confirmation level of the bearish scenario is fixing below the red key level.

Estimated limits of the trading range for today:
top trading range for today - 9110 USD
lower trading range for today –8670 USD

The weekly scenario remains unchanged - sideways, at the moment we are close to leaving a bearish correction within the sidelines

Key level:
 for bulls - 9110
for bears - 7950

The probability of an exit above 9110 within the current week is extremely small. With a high degree of probability, after reaching the upper limit of the projection of the candle, we will see a correction.

The global scenario for 2020 remains unchanged, but due to the prolonged consolidation at current levels, the bears have less room for manoeuvre, so the immediate goal will be around 7800.

The nearest target for bears 7800 - 7400.
The most likely goal for the end of the year is 13,000 USD.

Good luck and good profits!
Michael Hyipov

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Dear Friends, I remind you that this is only my personal view of the market, which I share with you. I do not guarantee profits. Only you make the final decision and all the risks associated with it.

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