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Hi everyone!

Despite all frightening forecasts, now the safest place for purchase of DXY . Look. The price long time drew a big wedge and is at its lower bound. All indicators speak about huge divergence including MACD (look on my chart). Now I expect growth to the upper bound of a wedge and further to the important level of resistance at the level of about 93. After successful overcoming this level the price can quietly will go to big week objyoyom at the level of about 96.50. That is now the price rested also against horizontal (it is drawn on the chart) and on trend support line! Respectively stop loss can be put very close, and it is good!

Information provided is only educational and should not be used to take action in the market.
Комментарий: The price moves to the support designated by me again. We wait for a release from support as additional confirmation of a turn.

Комментарий: Similar to a double bottom.
Сделка активна: The price showed a turn!


Thanks for the DXY idea. Looks exactly to the point. Conversely, EURUSD weekly has printed a bearish harami candle on the RSI and Stoch negative divergences weekly. That's something major.
@tfinavia, Thanks for your comment!
hard to shoot there, the structure and fundamental to make decision
@yunzhou, Thanks for your comment!
Lovely chart, any more analysis coming?
Yuriy_Kuznetsov Investroyllc
@Investroyllc, thank you!
Nice one good luck
Yuriy_Kuznetsov TheSignalyst
@TheSignalyst, Thanks for your comment!
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