EOSBTC 30% + 60%

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And again, everybody, hello.
I continue to study the market. Today I was interested in the EOS .
Like most coins, the EOS was in a downward trend. it seems he has reached the support line at 0.0005000. Now against the backdrop of a growing BTC , the EOS has struck a triangle upwards and this may indicate a possible beginning of an uptrend. If so, then we can try to buy closer to 0.000619 (0.145 Fibo) and aim at 0.00081 (0.382 Fibo). This is our first goal.
The next target may be 0.0010000 (0.618 Fibo).
But you have to be careful. In case of the fall of the BTC , the price may drop to support 0.0005000, and if this support does not survive, the next support is at 0.0004000.


Когда следующая волна роста?
DorisKat NeoDzedun
@NeoDzedun, Нужно смотреть за объемами, когда будут сигналы, подтверждающие разворот, я сделаю обновление.
All the goals are achieved!
Right on time!
As always it is pleasant to rejoice with friends!
All good luck and good trade.
It seems that the EOS is not going to stop. We see a tapering triangle in the case of breaking through which the next wave of growth awaits us. Elliot agreed it could be the fifth wave and our next target will be 0.00090000. if we successfully overcome it, then the next target may be 0.00100000.
After that, a good correction should follow.
If the buyers now have enough strength, then a small correction may follow now, from the level of 0.00081000.
Those who opened positions earlier, I advise you to move the stop loss into a break-even position.
For those who are just going to open positions, it is better to wait for the triangle to break up, or wait for correction and buy a coin after that.
We will continue to monitor this coin.
All good trade and good luck!
Trading volumes are good, the market is relatively stable. There is every chance to aim at reaching the next level.
We move the stop-loss in a break-even and enjoy the trip.
The first goal is achieved.
Congratulations to all who took the opportunity.
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