EOSBTC 30% + 60%

And again, everybody, hello.
I continue to study the market. Today I was interested in the EOS .
Like most coins, the EOS was in a downward trend. it seems he has reached the support line at 0.0005000. Now against the backdrop of a growing BTC , the EOS has struck a triangle upwards and this may indicate a possible beginning of an uptrend. If so, then we can try to buy closer to 0.000619 (0.145 Fibo) and aim at 0.00081 (0.382 Fibo). This is our first goal.
The next target may be 0.0010000 (0.618 Fibo).
But you have to be careful. In case of the fall of the BTC , the price may drop to support 0.0005000, and if this support does not survive, the next support is at 0.0004000.

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