Jordan's long-awaited return. Complex correction, first Time..

Hi, everybody. In past ideas, we have received more than 30% profit. All this time I watched the market and also traded. I have to say caught a few stops. This situation is so new and amazing for me that I immediately overcame my laziness. Thank you guys for asking for personal messages, but I was also busy. Many traders in my closed group have seen my analyses since then. But I'll give you an announcement. I will make this group open and free for everyone. Only my tests will be published there. Analysis in TV there are a few to decrease. No signals and webinars, training there will not immediately tell you. I will open a group probably in a month. Successful trading. And by the way, about the analysis itself. I'll give you a gift and tell you right away. Join the long after the breakdown of the line X-X. in gratitude, you can subscribe to me and of course put likes
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена

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