Long Hai/USDT BULLISH idea

GATEIO:HAIUSDT   Hacken Token/Tether
I've been keeping an eye on this token from the top 3 cybersecurity companies in the world for a while now. Previously, it was purely a speculative instrument disconnected from what the company actually did. However, since the beginning of the year, when the company started talking about conversion narratives and based on the latest announcements, it has become clear that the token is becoming mainstream. This has made me even more interested. I have a small amount of this token in my portfolio
After analyzing the chart, I saw that there are many points that indicate that the take profit at 0.08 will be reached. Just huge vertical volumes and the chart began to draw a curve.
Also it is visible the accumulation of the volume profile and the fact that at the moment there is no distribution, that is, all the price growth is still ahead.
I came to the conclusion that it may be very interesting.
The details in video.
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