Kin profit for 3 months of work +111% +140% +80% +160%.

KIN / ETH work on a coin. Over the past 3 months, the profit of working on this coin was + 111% + 140% + 80% + 160%.
The width of the main external channel is 140%. Domestic about 50%. There was a false breakdown of the accumulation channel. Since the breakdown, the price has made + 55%. At the moment, an expanding triangle can form with a target of about + 180%.

Target, entry and pivot areas
Everything is shown on the chart.

Stop loss
Under key support levels during your entry into the market.

I have been trading a pair since January 18. Pump coin. Volatility is gorgeous. In a short time, there were absolutely a lot of pumping prices for a large percentage. Hence a coin for active trading.

For about 3 months, the coin inside the horizontal channel is in a local uptrend. Over the 3 months, the profit was + 111% + 140% + 80% + 160%. Averaging an average of + 60-70% of 100% of each movement. From the first entry point, the minimum and maximum range is more than + 200%. Liquidity is average, but if the work is carried out on several exchanges, it is satisfactory.

The channel, potential pattern and pivot zones are shown on the chart. Fixing prices above the channel resistance level may serve as confirmation of further growth. It is worth noting that up to the channel resistance level + 50%. Not overcoming this zone can serve as a price reduction to this important zone. Further, how the price will react to this support zone .

Former trading ideas on this coin.
KIN pump coin. Breakthrough of the local downtrend line. January 23, 2020.
Each new movement in updates under trading ideas.

The result of work for 3 months on this pump.
+ 111% + 140% + 80% + 160%

Last trading idea for this coin. April 16, 2020.
KIN / ETH Channel 140% Coin Operated. Reversal zones.

Since the publication of the idea, the price has made + 55% (breakdown of the channel) or + 200% from the last update.
Also, after a false breakdown of the channel, the price reached a new potential entry point.

Комментарий: Reached the important zone
Комментарий: Pivot zones in the accumulation channel
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: +74% since the last update from the important zone.
The impulse is strong + volume, it can act as the flagpole of the ascending pennant. Now the rollback is being drawn and the canvas of the potential pennant is being drawn. Entrance at the breakthrough of the local downtrend.
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: +100%
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: + 123%
Further work on the instrument. Potential reversal area.
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