Why OPKO Health Inc. shares are going to have sufficient growth

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From the side of tech analysis the OPK chart shows perfect picture.
There are 4 main factors-signals for future stock-price rising:
1. Breakout of strong inclined level of resistance
2. Formation of strong long trend with inclined and horizontal supporting price-levels (and formation of long-delta)
3. Consolidation in two patterns: flag and falling wedge .
4. Break out of falling wedge and fixation of the price above the wedge .

We predict that during 1-2 weeks buyers will break the flag-channel and move the price in a long way.

Our trading recommendation is to buy.

Buy price: 1) 9.70-10.00 (if you want to make trade based on falling wedge signal).
2) 9.80- 10.10 (for less risky trade with supporting confirmation based on flag signal and breakout of its bottom line)

Stop loss 1) 9.06 (-1 tic 9.07 last fractal minimum 06/30/2016)
2) 9.39 (-2 tics 9.41 last bar's minimum 07/06/2016 => potential fractal formation)
Note: stop-loss prices connected with allowed risk of 7% according to trading strategy.

If it's possible, put stop-loss price under 8.71 minimum (under bottom line of falling wedge and flag.

Target price 15.41 connected with multiplies' and DCF valuation.
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