QKC/BTC Long, Gartley's Butterfly + Fundamental News + Trending

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BINANCE:QKCBTC   QuarkChain / Bitcoin
Hey, guys!

That's my first idea on TradingView. Previously was too busy to publish smth here, but now I hired 2 disciples and we can cover 20 hours from 24 in every day and that's wonderful! I feel myself much more free and ready to share my thoughts.

So, this is a common Gartley's Butterfly, formed since 600 satoshi. I've dived into a long position since 620 due to Fibo's 61.8 level + trend line and shared it in my private channel at 7th of November. Some time later I found that this coin got fundamental reason to grow - developers are gonna launch Mainnet 1.0 and create Wallet 1.0 until the end of month. Great trading volume that was flown in this trading pair convinced me that that's the deal!

We've traded this until the trend line didn't stopped the rush at 920 sats. It was obvious to rebuy it at 61.8 of grow and drop before trend line at 900. After that I was looking for a break of this resistance at 880-900 and after that - bought this crazy rusher again. Now we see the price near 1000 sats and we still have 25-45% of grow perspective according to Fibo levels and Gartley's pattern.

So, even now we have 2 trades:

950-980, here is a nice support line of 38.2 of Fibo and also here is a zone above neck line of local Head and Shoulders pattern .
945-955 - neck line, if we break this - we'll go test support line at the second buy zone

870-900 - trend support line, can buy much more safe
Breaking the trend line support can ruin or postpone this, so place a notification to this and wait. Approximate levels of the breach is 870-850 sats.

1240-1260 according to the 1.272 butterfly extension
1400-1450 according to the 1.618 butterfly extension
1520-1570 according to Fibo's extensions of 2 previous growths

Show me if you liked that :)
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Bought in first buy zone. +5% already ;-)